Completion Campaign

Completion Campaign Overview

It is not uncommon for an undergraduate student to find themselves in a situation where a break in enrollment is necessary. While there are many extenuating circumstances and challenges surrounding a student taking a break prior to graduation, Graduation Planning & Strategies (GPS) is fully committed to finding a way to assist every undergraduate student to completion of their degree!

Since 2017, the GPS Completion Campaign has helped students navigate barriers by providing support, a connection to resources, and a PLAN to gain the academic momentum needed to reach the graduation finish line.

Barriers to graduation success are most notably recognized by a change in attitude or action towards academic commitment leaving progression to degree completion stalled. Often there is an underlying contributor such as personal illness, mental fatigue, or experiencing a crisis that may trigger the need for an academic break. Additional roadblocks include a loss or end of financial support, a shift in family or work obligations, or a relocation causing lack of accessibility to campus on the way to the graduation finish line.

These are just some of the reasons why it might take creative thinking, additional resources, or a partnership to support student academic success to degree completion. GPS helps students reconnect with their campus partners, research options, and form a plan to realize their academic goals.

How to Address Barriers for a Successful Return

What is standing in your way?

When you are ready to return, we are here to help. To start the conversation, if you have earned over 100 credit hours, contact Lynn Helton, or (850) 644-2144 or if you have earned fewer than 100 credit hours, contact Shel McGuire, or (850) 644-8822.

Completion Campaign Success

To date GPS has identified, reviewed, and often provided personal outreach to over 7,300 academic records of undergraduate degree seeking students who discontinued enrollment before earning their degree. An often forgotten and complex population, we continue to monitor and follow up with these students through their re-enrollment and degree completion journey. Under the direction and persistence of the work provided through the Completion Campaign, GPS has aided in the confirmation of over 3,500 undergraduate degrees.

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