High School AA Support

The Graduation Planning & Strategies Office supports students who earned an Associate of Arts (AA) degree while in high school in the following ways:

  • Facilitate connection by meeting with students in their first term
  • Audit transcripts to ensure AA degrees are posted
  • Provide regular social opportunities for first year students
  • Facilitate a high school AA peer mentorship program for first year students
  • Offer a 0-1 credit hour course to help first-semester students transition to FSU
  • Connect with students at any time throughout their academic career

High School AA Mentorship Program

Transitioning to FSU with 60+ credits already earned through dual enrollment in high school can be simultaneously exciting and challenging. The high school AA mentorship program enables first year students to connect with upperclassmen who have also earned an AA degree in high school.

The goals of this program are to help new students:

  • Feel at home at FSU
  • Increase awareness of and confidence navigating FSU resources and opportunities
  • Promote personal and academic growth

Not only does the high school AA mentorship program serve to promote development in new high school AA students, this program enables student mentors to:

  • Gain leadership skills
  • Share their experience and expertise with mentees

If you are interested in having a peer mentor in your first year at FSU or in potentially serving as a high school AA student mentor to new students, please contact Heather Shattuck.

IDS 1107: The High School AA Florida State Experience

This 0-1 credit hour course is approved as part of FSU’s Engage 100 initiative and is an option exclusively for first-semester students who earned an Associate of Arts (AA) degree while in high school.

This course empowers high school AA students to make the most of their time at FSU by ensuring that they:

  • Proactively reflect on how the high school AA degree impacts their identity and plans at Florida State
  • Explore FSU’s resources and culture
  • Connect with fellow high school AA students

Students choosing IDS 1107: The High School AA Florida State Experience will learn directly from enthusiastic and knowledgeable upperclassmen who also earned their AA degrees in high school. Our peer instructors are teaching the following sections of IDS 1107 in Fall 2024:

  • Samar Ghandour – IDS 1107-003
  • Lin Lanagan – IDS 1107-004
  • Kenson Moore– IDS 1107-005
  • Daniela Munoz– IDS 1107-006

Choose the IDS 1107 class section that is right for you!

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