Overview of the Program

Degree In Three is a special program designed to assist students who wish to graduate in three years or less. While all students are welcome to explore this path, Degree in Three is typically best for students who enter Florida State with college credit earned through AP, IB, AICE, or dual enrollment. Developed in the Division of Undergraduate Studies, Degree in Three is now managed in the Graduation Planning and Strategies Office.

Degree in Three students should:

  • have researched major options at Florida State and feel confident in the major(s) they want to complete
  • enter Florida State with college credit from AP, IB, AICE, and/or dual enrollment
  • know which type of graduate school, professional school, or career field they want to pursue
  • be at least two semesters out from graduation

Things to consider:

  • Academic and Career Confidence: Before joining Degree in Three, you should be confident in your major as well as long-term career goals. We do not encourage you to pursue an accelerated path if you have not thoroughly researched and are certain about your short and long-term academic plans.
  • Research: Florida State offers students phenomenal opportunities to participate in research. Some research opportunities require a 2+ semester commitment. Degree in Three may not allow certain research experiences unless you start the engagement process early.
  • Graduate/Professional School Prep: Many graduate/professional programs require an entrance exam as well as experience in research, internships/employment, and student organizations. You should meet with an academic and career advisor early to intentionally plan your engagement activities. This will ensure you can complete all necessary components to be a strong applicant to graduate/professional school.
  • Work/Life Balance: There is the possibility that Degree in Three students will take heavier course loads. Before joining Degree in Three, you should consider your academic and extracurricular goals and expectations for your undergraduate career and speak with an academic advisor to determine the course load for your specific degree plan.

For additional questions, contact us at moreinfour@fsu.edu.