Benefits of Degree in Three

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Financial Benefits: Completing a degree even one year early can save a typical student over $20,000 in tuition, books, and living expenses. On top of this, a student that graduates in three years has the ability to start earning a salary sooner, allowing their savings to grow exponentially over time.

Degree Plan: To join Degree in Three, you will complete a three-year degree plan with your academic advisor. This allows you to determine the courses you will take and when you will take them, giving you more ownership over your own educational path.

Priority Registration: Students formally enrolled in Degree in Three receive priority registration every semester they are active in the program.

Personalized Workshops: Students in Degree in Three have access to personalized workshops for applying to graduate schools, beginning a career, applying to fellowships, and other topics of interest that are specific to students on an accelerated degree path.

Career/Future: Start your future earlier, whether that be by furthering your education or entering directly into your intended career field.

Estimated cost of attendance per year
for in-state students
for out-of-state students
Undergraduate Costs 2019-2020

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