Explore Graduate Opportunities

Students in More in Four have many post-bachelor opportunities available for them. See below for some great opportunities that the More in Four program can help connect you to:

  • Combined Bachelor’s/Master’s Pathways, Direct-Entry Pathways - Florida State University offers over 40 different pathway programs. Combined Bachelor’s/Master’s Pathways programs allow for up to 12 graduate hours to be shared with, or double-counted, toward an undergraduate program. For Direct-Entry Pathways programs, students are admitted to a bachelor’s program with the understanding they are expected to complete both degrees.
  • Graduate Certificate Programs - Students in the More in Four program may pursue one of the many Graduate Certificate programs upon graduation from the bachelor’s degree.
  • Graduate School Programs - Florida State University offers an extensive range of graduate and professional programs. Graduate education at FSU includes over 121 degree programs at the master’s level, 24 degree programs at the specialist level and 78 degree programs at the doctoral level.

Keep in mind your graduate program does not necessarily have to be the same discipline as your undergraduate major. To learn more about a specific program, explore the individual departmental website and connect with the Graduate Coordinator of that program.